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In-House: Optimising Higher Education Partnerships in China

further & higher education Training

The UK is China’s leading partner in Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships, with nearly 270 joint programmes enabling more than 60,000 students to study in China for a UK qualification.

Developing a successful TNE partnership within the Chinese market is, however, a complex process, with Chinese tax obligations, cultural-specific business etiquette and programme quality assurance to navigate.

Book this highly practical, interactive course for your teams In-House to learn how to create long-lasting impactful partnerships with Chinese higher education institutions, ensuring the highest standard of quality in your programmes, and increase the global reach of your institution.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand and overcome the specific localised challenges in establishing TNE partnerships in China
  • Explore the current landscape for Sino-British transnational higher education
  • Examine the critical requirements for successful TNE partnerships in China
  • Ensure TNE programmes meet the academic standards and policies of both Chinese and British regulatory bodies
  • Develop an action plan for effective partnership creation, development and expansion
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Chair’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives


Transnational Education in China – Understanding the Quality Assurance, Policy and Tax Landscape

  • Understanding the role of key sector bodies and the regulatory landscape in China to ensure the building of long lasting partnerships
  • Analysing the challenges facing HE institutions surrounding quality assurance and ways of harmonizing QA practices across a fragmented system
  • Discussing how taxes can affect your operations in China including on payments made to the UK institutions
  • Gaining clarity on tax exemption for foreign cooperative education projects



Morning Break


Overview of Transnational Education Partnerships in China

  • Reviewing and analysing the current Sino-British higher education landscape
  • Building effective relationships with the Chinese higher education sector, partner institutions and government bodies and agencies
  • Understanding the cultural factors that impact engagement with Chinese counterparts and developing specific business practices that respect their culture


Case Study: Understanding the Critical Factors for Successful TNE Partnerships in China

  • Examining the key factors for creating a successful, ongoing relationship with Chinese partners
  • Assessing how the application of blended learning approaches can increase student numbers
  • Developing multi-touch and multilateral strategies for the creation of more meaningful relationships
  • Outlining how to expand and improve your TNE portfolioto increase the global reach of your institution




Workshop: Challenges with MOE applications and Running of Programmes

The Chair will facilitate a discussion around challenges with MOE applications and running of programmes

  • Discussing how to submit a MOE submission, documentation, timelines, business plan, programme validations
  • Gaining insight into the logistical factors surrounding TNE partnerships
  • Identifying where your organisation can improve from the start of the process


Afternoon Break


Workshop: Creating a Successful Plan of Action to Implement Effective Transnational Partnerships in China

Delegates will work in groups to create an action plan and receive dedicated feedback from the Chair

  • Evaluating opportunities in China and choosing the right partner institution for you
  • Identifying key challenges and ensuring you have effective risk management practices in place within your organisation
  • Exploring practical examples of successful transnational partnerships in China
  • Devising an action plan for effective TNE partnership development, support and implementation


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

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