voluntary sector Training

Managing Volunteers: The Legal Liabilities & Responsibilities

voluntary sector Training

09:15 - 16:30

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Central London


Nearly four in ten people volunteer with groups, clubs or organisations every year. In doing so those organisations need to be aware of a range of laws and responsibilities surrounding managing volunteers; from health & safety and data protection, to ensuring legality with tax, benefits and immigration. Taking these factors into consideration, you need to plan and deliver your day-to-day business in a risk-aware manner that protects your organisation from legal risks.

This one-day course is designed to clearly and concisely explain the legal duties relating to volunteering in England. It will explain the key legal and regulatory duties for organisations when involving volunteers, and how to meet these duties by establishing effective policies, procedures and practices.

It is designed for strategic and operational leaders to plan, deliver, monitor and assure themselves that their approach to volunteer involvement reduced legal risk. The course includes interactive, practical exercises and space to consider how to integrate meeting your legal duties with good practice.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the source of legal duties for volunteering involving organisations
  • Get acquainted with relevant legislation, regulatory duties, guidance and bodies that provide the framework for managing volunteers
  • Learn about key legal topics relevant to volunteer managers including data protection, safeguarding, expenses and equalities
  • Consider key risks facing your organisation and how to best plan, deliver, monitor and assure your practice


Tom Burke, Freelance Consultant

Tom Burke is currently a freelance consultant specialising in work with voluntary organisations. He has extensive experience of managing volunteers, previously being Deputy Chief Executive of a leading youth international development charity working with volunteers both in the UK and overseas. He has advised a wide range of national charities on issues relating to equality and diversity, safeguarding and wider volunteer management. He has a particular interest in safeguarding in voluntary organisations.

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Chair’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Tom Burke, Freelance Consultant


Introduction: Sources and Boundaries of the Law

  • Sources of law in England covering management of the volunteers
  • Volunteer involving organisations and the regulatory environment
  • Defining volunteering and the relationships with the wider organisation


Morning Break


Key Legal Issues of Volunteer Management: Meeting Your Duty of Care

  • Health, safety and security – policy and practice
  • Safeguarding your volunteers and stakeholders thy work with
  • Equalities and non-discrimination in volunteering




Key Legal Issues of Volunteer Management: Protecting Your Organisation

  • Applying effective data protection and information management
  • Your financial liabilities and responsibilities towards volunteers
  • Specific issues with certain volunteers


Afternoon Break


Keeping it Legal in Your Organisation

  • Identifying significant factors and mitigating organisational risk management
  • Assuring your practice and compliance
  • Action plan for change


Feedback, Evaluation and Close

*Programme subject to change

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