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Utilising Customer Insight

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09:15 - 16:15

Thursday 17 October 2019

America Square Conference Centre, Central London

Given the increasing pressure put on public services, being able to utilise customer insight can help you deliver more effective and efficient services. It is critical that you embrace customer insight to improve the understanding of your customers, increase user satisfaction and drive efficiencies through the use of data analytics.

Our Utilising Customer Insight course provides insight on data collection, segmentation and customer journey mapping to ensure that you are able to provide the right services in the most user-friendly way possible.

Attend this course to learn from practical case studies and interactive workshops to improve the effectiveness of your services. Gain the knowledge to ensure your organisation improves customer insight that in turn can deliver increased customer usage, retention, satisfaction and consequently deliver an improved user experience and financial gains.

Learning Objectives:
  • Deliver improved outcomes through building customer insight strategies and techniques into your service design
  • Learn how to create informed service delivery models through effective data analysis
  • Develop tailored behavioural insight analysis to reinforce existing customer experience strategies
  • Use segmentation and customer journey mapping to market and target services effectively
  • Develop an action plan to implement your customer insight strategy


Wilma Smythe, CEO & Founder, Insight for Good


Felicity Algate, Head of BIT: North, The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)

Warren Earl, Customer Insight Manager, Peabody

Dr Riadh Salhi, Head of Customer Insight, NHS Property Services


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Chair’s Introduction & Clarification of Learning Objectives

Wilma Smythe, CEO & Founder, Insight for Good (CONFIRMED)


Creating Customer Focused Solutions through Behavioural Insights

  • Determine how behavioural analysis can inform decision-making
  • Learn how to apply the BIT standards of easy, attractive, timely and social to your behavioural insights
  • Ensure that your behavioural insights reinforce existing customer experience strategies
  • Explore possible new inexpensive technologies to create a positive customer journey across all touchpoints
  • Develop a strategy that recognises the most useful technology for your services and avoids ‘wrong choices’

Felicity Algate, Head of BIT: North, The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) (CONFIRMED)


Morning Break


Case Study: Enhancing the Customer Experience

  • Developing and implementing quantitative methods of capturing tangible data
  • Effectively embedding approaches that demonstrate ‘what works’ effectively and gaining senior level buy-in
  • Using customer insight to drive strategic and operational decisions

Warren Earl, Customer Insight Manager, Peabody (CONFIRMED)




Improving Services through Customer Journey Mapping

  • Identify key differentiators such as customer demographics and behavioural tendencies
  • Understand how to market and target effectively to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Learn how to create content tailored to your audience to ensure optimum results
  • Prioritise particular touchpoints to optimise customer journeys efficiently and deliver long-term journey improvements to reduce drop-outs

Dr Riadh Salhi, Head of Customer Insight, NHS Property Services (CONFIRMED)


Afternoon Break


Workshop: Developing and Implementing an Effective Customer Insight Strategy

Create a next step action plan on how to effectively embed customer insight strategies in your organisation

  • Learn how to embed customer insight into your organisation’s service design strategy
  • Enhance your use of data to inform both digital and verbal customer service
  • Learn how to redesign services according to needs highlighted by customer experiences
  • Target and segment your audiences to ensure your organisation is supporting the most in need
  • Understand how to create a culture of customer satisfaction within your organisation
  • Learn how to put customer insight theory in to practice and make a plan on how to implement this in your organisation

Wilma Smythe, CEO & Founder, Insight for Good (CONFIRMED)


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

WIlma Smythe

CEO & Founder, Insight for Good

Wilma is the Founder of Insight for Good, a research firm that helps organisations deliver their social goals effectively through better evidence and insight. She has 20 years of multi-disciplinary research and data analysis experience, leading insight programmes both in the public and the private sector. Her achievements have involved engaging stakeholders at different levels to use insight tools such as segmentation and customer journeys, helping transform organisational culture and processes to become more customer-focused. She set up Insight for Good to inspire socially-focused organisations to put insight to good use and more effectively achieve their objectives.

Felicity Algate

Head of BIT: North, The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)

Felicity is the head of BIT:North, based in Manchester which she founded in 2016. BIT:North works closely with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Health and Social Care Partnership to apply behavioural insights across the Greater Manchester region. BIT: North also work with councils and organisations across the North of England. Felicity works on all areas of policy including health, tax collection, recycling, economic growth, early years and integration of services.

Felicity joined the team in 2011 and since then she has designed and run more than 30 randomised controlled trials. She was responsible for co-designing the £30 million randomised controlled trial to evaluate the impact of the Growth Vouchers programme (the largest randomised controlled trial in the world by value). Felicity also helped set up the UK government’s ‘midata’ programme and co-authored ‘Applying behavioural insights to regulated markets’. Felicity has a Masters in Economics and joined the team from the Office of Fair Trading where she was a Senior Economist, working on competition and consumer issues. She began her career as a currency strategist and economist at a large investment bank.

Warren Earl

Customer Insight Manager, Peabody

Warren has over 10 years’ experience in customer, product and market research in private and third sector organisations and has set up and led customer insight teams in two social housing providers. He is passionate about the role customer research can play as a catalyst for improvement in service delivery and bringing the voice of the customer into strategic decision-making.

Warren has led Peabody’s Customer Insight Team since 2014, introducing a programme that has blended strategic research with tactical operational feedback, and which has brought on board elements of customer journey mapping, segmentation, behavioural insight and impact evaluation.

Dr Riadh Salhi

Head of Customer Insight, NHS Property Services

Riadh is the Head of Customer Insight at NHS Property Services, an organisation created to manage the Primary Care Trust estate portfolio and services. Over the past 4 years Riadh has developed an insight program, implemented customer service technology systems and built a multi-disciplinary team to improve the customer experience nationally.

After winning a number of customer experience awards for the team Riadh is keen to talk about how they improved the customer experience through journey mapping and process re-engineering. Having competed a PhD in Behavioural science Riadh pairs his academic skills with experience working in National governmental organisations, local authorities and health technology start-ups.

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